Media & Content Development Center

GNC College Media Center is responsible for the support of audio/video/visual instructional technologies. The Media Center is focused on serving the needs of the students and faculty members by providing them with the opportunity to use technology in effective and efficient ways. This involves providing the tools, making those tools accessible to faculty and staff, and encouraging their use to enrich the learning experience of Marist students. These services include providing multimedia support for classes and events, distributing and maintaining such equipment, presentation technologies, supporting learning activities as they relate to media presentation, and producing a variety of content for the college, including video and audio productions.

Equipment Offered
Some of the more popular equipment that we offer
  • PC Projector For use with your own laptop. Can project for large groups. You may also request a computer for use in classrooms and other campus spaces. Computers are set up with application software, including Microsoft Office and other browsers like Internet browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome. Can also project other sources you may connect.
  • Video Cameras In formats of miniDV, miniDVD, Flash memory, and SD card. Tripods, microphones, and other accessories also available. Computer/WebCams also available.
  • Audio Player/Recorders Formats including both analog cassette and digital MP3 recorders.
  • Portable DevicesPan Drive, Hard Disk.
  • Wireless Remotes Popular and convenient way to advance your slides during a presentation without needing to be near your computer.
  • Easels Paper and/or markerboard.
  • Screens Easy to carry, easy to set-up. Variety of sizes available.

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