Research & Information Center

The Center aims to make available paralleled and life-changing educational research opportunities and to create a nurturing and vibrant intellectual environment for the entire academic community.

Research and Information center has:
  • State of art research lab to undertake research in their emerging areas.
  • Faculties with vast research experience to supervise.
  • Central Library is well-stocked and well-equipped with than 35 thousand collection including reference books, text books and general books, etc. as well as more than 100 printed scholarly journals and magazines. In addition to this, the library has an in-built electronic library to provide the faculty with e-resources, i.e., e-books and e-journals, which can be accessed through National Consortiums, i.e. N-List and DELNET. The library also renders different kinds of services like Web-OPAC, Reprographic, Current Awareness Service (CAS), Selective Disseminated Service (SDI), Bibliographic Service, Lending Service, Reading Room Service, etc. to cater the multidimensional information requirements of the faculty and the students
  • In addition to the central library, each research center has its own department library with good collection of books on fundamental and advanced topics.
  • Computer labs with required software and high speed Internet connections are available in each research center.
  • Frequent workshops/conferences are organized to disseminate knowledge in the emerging areas of research.
Accessing of E-Journals by Faculty member in Research Center

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