Guru Nanak College Budhlada

Academic Calender

Academic Calender

Opening of the College after the Summer Vacation.
Admission for Annual/Semester System(Regular) Classes(without late fee)
With late fees of Rs.500/- and Principal’s permission
With late fees of Rs.1000/- and with approval of Dean, College Development Council
With late fees of Rs.1500/- and with approval of Vice-Chancellor
With late fees of Rs.2000/- and with approval of Academic Council and Vice-Chancellor
10thJuly 2017
Up to 17thJuly 2017
18thJuly 2017 to 29th July 2017
1stAugust 2017 to 10thAugust 2017
11thAugust 2017 to 19thAugust 2017
21th August 2017 to 31thAugust 2017
Commencement of the Academic Session
Academic span for odd Semester
17th July 2017
17th July 2017 to 21st Nov 2017
(As per Punjabi Uni. Schedule)
University Semester Exams
Odd Semester
24th Nov,2017 onwards
Even Semester
05th May 2018 onwards
Vacation Schedule
Summer Vacation
30th May to 8th July 2017
Autumn Break
28th Sep to 9th Oct 2017
Winter Vacation
26th Dec 2017 to 6th Jan 2018
House Exam Schedule(semester systems)
Odd semester MST-I 3rd week of sep 2017
Odd Semester MST-II 2nd week of Nov 2017
Even semester MST-I 4th week of Feb 2018
Even semester MST-II 1st week of April 2018








All Faculty Development Programme
Counseling & Admission for all PG Courses
Orientation of New Students (Department wise)
Enrollment of NCC and NSS
Computer Science Faculty Workshop
Agriculture & Food Processing Van Mahotsav Day Celebration
World Population Day Celebration
Music Departmental Workshop
Fashion Technology/
Home Science
Debate Competition
Guest lecture
Punjabi Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Humanities Inter-Dept Competition –Chess & Badminton
Painting Competition (Independence Day Celebration)
Academic Competition (Tribute to Parkash Purab Guru Granth Sahib(Religion Dept)
Guest Lecture(Political Science Dept)
Celebration of Sports Day
Guest lecture(Economics Dept)
Commerce & Management Orientation Programme
All Senior Junior Interaction Programme (Department wise)
National sports day (29th august)
Talent hunt 2017
Science 7 day Workshop
Computer Science Guest lecture/Technical Workshop
World Senior Citizen's Day Celebration (8 Aug)
Library & Information Science Celebration Of Dr.S.R Ranganathans Day
Information literacy Programme
Mathematics Guest lecture
English Guest lecture
History Guest lecture
Music Guest lecture
Agriculture & Food Processing Workshop
Woman Equality Day Celebration
Commerce and Management Fresher party
Fashion Technology/ Home Science Guest Lecture on Scope and opportunities
Workshop for students
Punjabi National Seminar
Humanities Inter-Dept Competition –Table Tennis and Tug of War
Inter –dept Debate Competition
celebration of Hindi Diwas
Quiz Competition
Painting Competition on the occasion of Shaheed Bhagat
Singh Birthday
Guest Lecture (Socio Dept)
Guest Lecture( Eco Dept)
Agriculture & Food Processing Teacher’s Day Celebration ( Quiz, Debate and Speech Competition)
Kisan Mela visit
Chemistry/Physics Teacher's Day Celebration
Guest Lecture
Celebration Of World Ozone Day (16 Sept)
Computer Science Technical Workshops for UG Students
Library & Information Science Guest Lecture
International Literacy Day (September 8)
Mathematics Workshop on ICT Tools for PG Students
Music Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Preparation and Participation Zonal Youth Festival (Punjabi University Patiala)
Commerce and Management Paper Reading Competition on Teacher's Day
Educational Tour
Class Test
Fashion Technology Teacher Day Celebration(Debate and Quiz Competition)
Guest Lecture
Punjabi Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Computer Science Advance Workshop for PG Students
Remedial and Boost Up Classes
Diwali Celebration (17th October)
Humanities Guest Lecture on the Occasion of Parkash Purab of Guru
Ramdas Ji
Guest Lecture (Defence Dept)
Seminar(Pol Dept)
Educational Tour
Guest Lecture( Phy Edu Dept)
Workshop (Journalism Dept)
Library & Information Science Educational Tour
Seminar Presentation
Mathematics Seminar Presentation
English Parent Teacher Meeting
Academic Activities
Remedial and Boost up Classes.
History Inter –College Quiz Competition
Science Industrial visit / Educational Tour
Preparation & Participation Youth Festival (University Level)
Preparation & Participation Khalsai Games (SGPC)
Commerce and Management Guest Lecture
Home Science Floor Decoration Competition
Agriculture & Food Processing Food Day Celebration
Industrial visit / Educational Tour
Fashion Technology Workshop on Knotting Techniques
Humanities Akhand Path on the Occasion of Parkash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Painting Competition on the Occasion of Parkash Purab Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Seminar on Guru Gaddi Diwas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Shahidi Diwas of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
English/ Computer Science Guru Nanak Gurupurab Celebration
Computer Science Proposed National  Conference
Industrial visit/ Historical & Spiritual visit
library & Information Science Remedial & Boost up Classes
English Educational /Recreational Tour
History Inter class Seminar
Akhand Path
Agriculture & Food Processing Guest Lecture
 World Quality Day Celebration
Home Science Salad Making Competition
All Preparation & Participation Shaheedi Jor Mela Fateh Garh Sahib
Science University Examination
Humanities Celebration of Lohri
National Voter Day Celebration (Poster/Collage making Competition)
Computer Science Parkash Purab of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Religious Tour of Fatehgarh Sahib on the Sahidi Diwas of Chote Sahibzade and Mata Gurji
English University Exams
Fashion Technology Parent Teacher Meeting
History National Seminar
Lohri Celebration
One Day National Seminar
Music Guest Lecture
Ru-Bu-Ru Program






Home Science Guest Lecture 
Science Quiz Competition/Science Day Celebration
Humanities Poster Making Competition on the Occasion of Republic Day(Fine Arts)
Inter College Quiz  Competition (Eco Dept)
Lohri Celebration
All Parkash Purab of Shri Guru Har Raiji Birthday Celebration
Computer Science Motivational Lecture on personal Grooming
Punjabi Guest Lecture
Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Fashion Technology Guru Har Raiji Birthday Celebration (Environment Day )
Quiz Competition
Extension Lectures
Library & Information Science Guest Lecture
Inter College Quiz Competition
English Guru Har Raiji Birthday Celebration
Various Academic Activities by Literati Club
History Map Competition
Commerce & Management Inter Class Debate Competition
Music National Conference
Preparation & Participation Folk Festival Punjabi Uni. Patiala (Youth Welfare Dept.)
Agriculture & Food Processing World Wetland Days and National Science Day Celebrations
Industrial Visit / Educational Tour
Cancer Awareness
Commerce and Management Lecture on International Mother Language Day
Cultural Programme
Home Science Poster Making Competition
Debate completion (Pol Dept)
Science National Seminar/Guest Lecture
Industrial /Historical & Spiritual Visit
Humanities Anti Drug Rally
International Mother Tongue Day Celebration(Hindi Dept)
5 Day Workshop
Computer Science Guest Lecture Technical Workshop For Teachers & Students
Punjabi Guest Lecture
Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
International Women Day Celebration (All Department)
Fashion Technology Rangoli Competition (Holi Celebration)
Workshop on Machine Embroidery

Remedial And Boost Up Classes
Computer Science World Water Day Celebration
 National Agriculture Day Celebration
 World Forest Day and Memory Day Celebration
Agriculture & Food Processing Guest Lecture
Poster Making
Commerce and Management Exhibition of products prepared by students using waste material
Home Science Seminar/Workshop
Library & Information Sciences Seminar/Conference
Mathematics Extension Lecture
Celebration Of Pi Day
English Inter Class Seminar
History Guest Lecture
Music Preparation & Participation Khalsai Cultural  Festival (Youth Welfare Dept.)
Guest lecture
Agriculture & Food Processing Inter College Allocation Competition
Humanities Poster Making Competition On Women Empowerment
Athletic meet(Phy Edu Dept)
Inter College Allocation Competition
General Knowledge Competition( Journalism Dept)
Commerce & Management Guest Lecture
Poster Making Competition
Punjabi Guest Lecture
Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Home Science MST
Pot Decoration Competition
Department Seminars
World Health Day Celebration
Computer Science Celebration Of National Technology Day
Library & Information Remedial And Boost Up Classes
Science Parent Teacher Meeting
English Exhibition of garments and material prepared by students
Fashion Technology Guest lecture
Punjabi Ru-Bu-Ru Programme
Commerce & Management Conference/Seminar