Agriculture Lab

The agriculture lab of Department of agriculture of Guru Nanak College Budhlada is set up with the goal to promote practical, innovative and affordable solutions to existing and emerging issues of agriculture. Department of agriculture also shares a lab of botany and chemistry department. The agriculture lab has following facilities available:

  • pH meter, Electrical conductivity meter, microscopes, Kjeldhar apparatus for nitrogen estimation in plant and soil samples and Spectrophotometer for phosphorus estimation from soil.
  • Agroclimatology lab equipped with working and demonstration models of Pan Evaporimeter, cup anemometer and dry, wet, maximum, minimum thermometers and soil thermometers.
  • Agricultural engineering and land surveying lab with 2 and 4- Stroke internal combustion engines demonstration models, chain surveying equipments and prismatic compass.
  • Common tools used in field sickles, spade, Jindra, scatters, cutting budding knife
Agriculture Lab
Practical work performed by the Students of B.Sc. Agriculture

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