Under Graduate Courses
B.Voc.(Food Processing)
Duration & Eligibility

Eligibility :10+2 with 50% marks
Duration : 3 years

Subject List


  • B.VFP-111      Punjabi as of B.Sc. Biotechnology or Mudhla Gyan(Qualifying Paper)
  • B.VFP-112      Introduction to computers
  • B.VFP-113       Documentation in food processing
  • B.VFP-114      Introductory Food Microbiology
  • B.VFP-115      Dairy Processing
  • B.VFP-116      Practical Paper I pertaining to (B.VFP-112)
  • B.VFP-117      Practical Paper I pertaining to (B.VFP-113)
  • B.VFP-118      Practical Paper III pertaining to (B.VFP-114)
  • B.VFP-119      Practical Paper IV pertaining to (B.VFP-115)
  • B.VFP-120      Industrial visit


  • B.VFP-121      Punjabi as of B.Sc. Biotechnology/ Mudhla Gyan (Qualifying)
  • B.VFP 122       Holistic Development I: Personality Development
  • B.VFP 123      Basics of food packaging
  • B.VFP 124      Basics of Food processing
  • B.VFP 125     Food products Packaging Technology
  • B.VFP 126     Practical Paper V pertaining to B.VFP-212
  • B.VFP-217     Practical Paper V pertaining to B.VFP-213
  • B.VFP-218     Practical Paper V pertaining to B.VFP-214
  • B.VFP-219     Practical Paper VII: pertaining to B.VFP-215
  • B.VFP-220     Industrial Visit

Semester – III

  • B.VFP-311      Communication Skills I
  • B.VFP-312      Introduction to Grain Milling and Machineries
  • B.VFP-313     Fundamentals of Food Biochemistry
  • B.VFP-314      Introduction to Cereal and Legume Processing
  • B.VFP-315       Fundamentals of food and nutrition
  • B.VFP-316      Practical paper IX pertaining to B.VFP-312
  • B.VFP-317      Practical paper X pertaining to B.VFP-313
  • B.VFP-318      Practical Paper XI pertaining to (B.VFP-314)
  • B.VFP-319      Practical Paper XII : pertaining to (B.VFP-315)
  • B.VFP-320      Industrial Visit

Semester – IV

  • B.VFP-411      Environmental Science and Road Safety Awareness (Qualifying Paper)
  • B.VFP-412     Holistic Development II: Physical Training
  • B.VFP-413      Food Spoilage and Control
  • B.VFP-414      Quality Control and Regulations
  • B.VFP-415     Fruits and vegetables processing
  • B.VFP-416      Practical Paper XIII pertaining to B.VFP-412
  • B.VFP-417     Practical Paper XIII pertaining to B.VFP-413
  • B.VFP-418     Practical Paper XIV pertaining to B.VFP-414
  • B.VFP-419     Practical Paper XV: pertaining to B.VFP-415
  • B.VFP-420     Industrial Visit

Semester –V

  • B.VFP-511      Communication Skills II
  • B.VFP-512     Marketing and Retail Management
  • B.VFP-513     Sugar Processing technology
  • B.VFP-514      Food industry Waste Management
  • B.VFP-515      Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing
  • B.VFP-516     Practical paper XVII pertaining to B.VFP-512
  • B.VFP-517     Practical Paper XVIII pertaining to (B.VFP-513)
  • B.VFP-518     Practical Paper XIX pertaining to : (B.VFP-514)
  • B.VFP-519     Practical Paper XX pertaining to : (B.VFP-515)
  • B.VFP-520     Industrial Visit

Semester –VI

  • B.VFP-611      Industrial /Institutional Project

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