Food Processing Lab

The department has established well-equipped food processing laboratory for the conduct of practicals in various aspects of Food Science and processing and to impart hands on training to the students. This is modern, well-equipped food-processing laboratory which was established in the department with financial assistance from the University Grants Commission of India (UGC India). The equipments in this lab are mainly for the processing of cereals, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc. and their testing, which includes: Lassi-making machine (small), Lassi-making machine for large scale, Domestic flour kneading machine, Microwave oven, Juicer mixer grinder, Food processor, Juicer, Hot plate, Badam pista cutter, Blender, Desiccators, Vegetable cutter, Pulverizer, Finger chips cutting machine (hand-operated), Juicer machine with commercial v-belt drive, Soxhlet apparatus, Kjeldahl apparatus for protein estimation, Refractometer, Butyrometer, Microscope, Ice cutter, Hand operated extrusion machine, etc.

Food Processing Lab
Students are preparing food and milk products

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