Guru Nanak College Budhlada


MCA(Master of Computer Application)

Duration & Eligibility

      Eligibility : B.C.A./B.A.with Math and above 50% marks
      Duration : 3 years

Subject List

  • MM-111       Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
  • MM-112       Computer Organization and Architecture
  • MM-113       Computer Programming Using C
  • MM-114       Communication Skills
  • MM-115       Programming Lab-I (C Programming)
  • MM-116       : Any one of the following papers :
    • Business ManagementAccounting and Financial Management
    • Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
    • Fundamentals of Computer Science
    • Problem Solving and Program Design

  • MM-121       Data and File Structures
  • MM-122       Database Management System
  • MM-123       Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • MM-124       Modern Information Systems
  • MM-125       Programming Lab-II (Data Structures and C++)
  • MM-126       Any one of the following papers:
    • Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
    • Windows Programming
    • Programming Languages
    • Web Technologies
    • Microprocessor and Interfacing

  • MM-211       Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • MM-212       Software Engineering
  • MM-213       Programming in Java
  • MM-214       Operating Systems
  • MM-215       Programming Lab – III (Java Lab and Minor Project)
  • MM-216       Any one of the following papers:
    • Decision Support Systems
    • System Software
    • Graph Theory
    • Organization Behaviour and Development
    • Computer Based Optimization Techniques
    • Microprocessor and Interfacing

  • MM-221      Object Oriented Modelling and Design using UML
  • MM-222      Communication Skills
  • MM-223      Data Communication and Computer Networks
  • MM-224       Web Programming using ASP.NET
  • MM-225       Programming Lab – IV (ASP.NET and Minor Project)
  • MM-226       Any one of the following papers
    • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
    • Programming Languages
    • E-Commerce
    • Data Mining and Data Warehousing
    • ERP Systems and Processes
    • Compiler Design

  • MM-311       Artificial Intelligence
  • MM-312       Computer Graphics
  • MM-313       Theory of Computation
  • MM-314       Business Intelligence
  • MM-315       Programming Lab-V (Graphics)
  • * Elective-I

  • MM-316 E1       Windows Programming
  • MM-316 E2       Digital Image Processing
  • MM-316 E3       Organization Behaviour and Development
  • MM-316 E4       Advanced Operating Systems with case study of UNIX
  • MM-316 E5       Compiler Design
  • MM-316 E6       Web Technology
  • MM-316 E7       Graph Theory
  • MM-316 E8       Programming Languages
  • MM-316 E9       Computer Based Optimization Techniques

  • MM-321       PROJECT