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Old Students Association

OSA is a registered body of the institution which facilitates nostalgic journey of the students. The college takes pride in its alumni who once were learners and now when they come back as experienced human beings, to interact with faculty and the students to share their experiences in their journey of becoming successful, their experience proves to be a great resource for the institution to enrich itself in diverse ways. They visit the college and enthrall young minds to equip them with ideas for dreaming and hardworking for their own upcoming journey. Talks, Webinars, Interactive Talks, Mentorship programs and Demonstrations by former students are a regular feature organized by this platform. Those living abroad are made to connect with the existing students through Video Conferencing under Alumni Connect program. Our students residing in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world have developed their chapters and they often meet and discuss about the welfare of their institution.

Some of our distinguished alumni are, Dr. Ishwar Dayal Gaur (Author), Dr. Yashpal Sharma (Retired Dean, Academic Affairs), Vijay Kumar Singla (Rashtrapati Awardee and State Awardee), Arun kumar Garg (National Award for teachers (2022) from the President of India. Balveer Singh Chotian (Singer), Labh Singh Heera (Singer), Deepak Dhalewan (Bharti Sahtiye Academy Yuva Award), Manmeet Singh (Flying Officer at Indian Air Force),R Nait (Singer), Sukhjinder Singh (Winner World Kabaddi) ,Kiran Kaur (Dhee Punjab Di Awardee), Gurdas Singh (Model), Neha (Awardee Gold Medalist District Youth Parliament). Our alumni are earning prominent positions in Academics, Sports and Cultural fields and they help posit our college at global level with their commendable achievements.

Our Alumni are our backbone and they prove to be a wonderful treasure trove of knowledge, strategies and suggestions when it comes to designing the syllabus. With their topical inputs and suggestions, the college designs the syllabus of all classes in such a way so as to get student’s immediate attention from employers.

Alumni connects to the college and gives information back to institutions through educational talks, coaching and mentoring students, giving out tips to help them learn better and inspiring them to be good human beings. They are always there with their motivating presence during Sports Meets, Youth Festivals and Academic Coaching programs. Juniors look up to their seniors and learn from themthe great lesson of giving back.

The institution loves to place its meritorious students in the college itself. Many of its worthy alumni are working in the college in various capacities and they are a valuable part of the Guru Nanak College OSA Chapter. They often connect and go down the memory lane. They contribute generously and genuinely towards any kind of need of students. Many books in the library have been gifted by our old students for every one of us to use and learn from.

The following are the members of the OSA Committee constituted by the College for managing the OSA activities and pursuits:


Ms. Sandhya Vats

Department of Computer Science

Mob: 95010-27795

E-mail: profsandhyavats@gmail.com


Dr. Manpreet Singh

Department of Music

Mob: 98151-59084

E-mail: manpreetgill975@gmail.com


Er. Dilip Kumar Ojha

Department of Agriculture & Food Processing

Mob: 78148-67984

E-mail: dilip.ojha.04@gmail.com


Dr. Inderjeet Singh

Department of Library & Information Science

Mob: 98159-90141

E-mail: inderjeetsm@gmail.com


Dr. Sangeeta

Department of Agriculture & Food Processing

Mob: 98154-98609

E-mail: ssaini.kataria@gmail.com


Dr. Tanupreet Kaur

Department of Mathematics

Mob: 86999-13601

E-mail: tanupreet12@gmail.com


Mr. Manjeet Singh

Department of History

Mob: 94645-93572

E-mail: tarvanshfateh@gmail.com


Dr. Neena Brar

Department of Commerce & Management

Mob: 98789-75517

E-mail: brar.neena@gmail.com


Ms. Seema Rani

Department of Fashion Technology and Home Science

Mob: 75892-90872

E-mail: bansalm063@gmail.com


Ms. Rupinder Kaur

Department of Punjabi

Mob: 97287-68095

E-mail: krupinder87@gmail.com


Ms. Gurjeet Kaur

Department of Hindi

Mob: 98146-99686

E-mail: sandhugurjeet0028@gmail.com


Ms. Rajdeep Kaur

Department of Science

Mob: 81463-07009

E-mail: rajdeepmalhi18@gmail.com



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