Guru Nanak College, Budhlada

Canteen and Cafe Grievance

Guru Nanak College, Budhlada has its own canteen and cafe which serves verities of healthy and nutritious food to its students at affordable rates. The menu varies from fruit juices, cold-drinks, flavored milks, tea, coffee, bread pakoras, sandwiches, patties, samosas, chole-bhatures and noodles etc. College canteen has also the facility to provide breakfast, full meals and party food on pre-order. The college canteen has proper sitting arrangements for girls, boys and teaching staff.     

In addition to canteen, institute also has the facilities of cafe which provides snacks, juices and soft drinks to the students and emerged as the student's favorite haunts. It serves healthy and nutritious food to its students at affordable rates. The students also have a wide range of snacks, chocolates and soft drinks to choose from.


  • To provide all adequate facilities related to canteen and cafe to the students.
  • To maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene in canteen and cafe by regular inspections.
  • To ensure that students coming from different places learn to communicate with each other and strengthen their relations with mutual cooperation and goodwill.
  • To provide some time for relaxation and enjoyment to the students through canteen and cafeteria facilities in the college.
  • To provide a healthy and hygienic food to the students at affordable rates.
  • To observe the students adhering to rules and regulations and take actions or resolutions for in-disciplinary actions.
  • To maintain the healthy environment for students’ growth and their social values development.
  • To review the conditions of the cleanliness, infrastructure and other facilities in canteen and cafe on regular basis.
  • To check the facility of hand wash/soaps/water for the students to maintain their personal cleanliness and hygiene.
  • To attend and solve the complaints of students and other related to canteen to maintain peaceful and healthy environment in college premises.


   Canteen and Cafe Grievance Committee Members

                                         Ramandeep Singh

Sh.Ramandeep  Singh                                                           

Assistant Professor in Physical Education

Mob: 8146581286

E-mail: cheemagnc@gmail.com



Dr.Sangeeta                                                        Assistant Professor in Agriculture &

Food Processing

Mob: 98154-98609

E-mail: ssaini.kataria@gmail.com



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