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Drinking Water Grievance

A college is a mini-community where students come for learning. It is the responsibility of the institution that the students have the right to basic amenities such as clean surroundings and safe drinking water. So, the policies, strategies and activities are designed to manage water sustainably to meet current and future demands in the campus.College is committed to take serious effort to protect the surrounding environment and available water resources.

Implication of safe water practices

  • College has huge water tanks for water storage to provide sufficient water.
  • Water tanks are cleaned on regular basis to eliminate any chances of microbial infections.
  • Water is regularly tested for total dissolved solids to check whether its potable or not and according to results filters are replaced.
  • There are water points in every department to reduce the rush at single water point and to make easy availability of water to students.
  • College has sufficient borewells to pump the water in water tanks to meet daily needs.
  • There are water coolers to provide cold water in summers.

Future Goals and plans

  • Maximize water usage efficiency and minimize wastage of water.
  • Promote investment in and maintenance of efficient water infrastructure and green infrastructure in all future development plans.
  • Implementation of new water efficient fixtures in its new constructions which can save water.

Drinking Water Grievance Committee Members

Happy Kumar

Dr. Happy Kumar

Assistant Professor in Mathematics 

Mob: 8427088447 

Email : happygarg85@gmail .com

 Anand Vardhan

Dr. Anand Vardhan

Assistant professor in Punjabi

Contact No. 9417164545

Email: anandvardhan1978@gmail.com

Manjeet Singh

Sh. Manjit Singh

Assistant Professor in History

Contact No. 9464593572

emailid: tarvanshfateh@gmail.com


Sh. Nirmal Singh (Plumber)

Contact No. 8288812840



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