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 Legal Awareness and Human Rights Cell

Human rights  has the most important place in today's era.Legal awareness and human rights cell has been established in 2016 to understand the importance of human rights .The main objective of the cell is to arise awareness towards the rights of the human beings.The cell organizes various activities like guest lectures,camps,and quiz etc. to promote the awareness.


Legal Awareness and Human Right cell was formed in 2016. Since then it is running successfully to spread Legal consciousness about Legal Rights.

  • Legal Awareness Cell to legal consciousness with the knowledge their legal Rights and Duties.
  • To be able to Impart Power, equality, gainfulness access for the means of Development.
  • To inspire a whole generation of woman to work together towards achieving gender equality and Justice to Conduct Literacy program and bring awareness to raise their standard living.
  • To make them aware through the activism of the citizen, they can challenge the Injustice.
  •  To aware people to demand justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels.


Legal Awareness and Human Rights Cell Members

   Dr.Inderjit Singh                Convenor

   Assistant Professor in Political Science

   Mob: 9876592312

    E-mail: dhindsa92312@gmail.com

   Ms. Ramandeep Kaur                  Member

   Assistant Professor in Sociology

   Mob: 78140-10948

   E-mail: ramandeepkaur49378@gmail.com

Gurjeet Kaur

    Dr.Gurjeet Kaur                            Member

    Assistant Professor in Hindi

    Mob: 98146-99686

    E-mail: sandhugurjeet0028@gmail.com

Gurpreet Kaur

     Ms.Gurpreet Kaur                           Member               

     Assistant Professor in Punjabi

     Mob: 87279-69533

   E-mail: gsidhu98150@gmail.com


 Our Activities

Lecture on Legal awareness & Human rights by Adv. Harnoor Singh Sidhu and Dr. Baljeet Singh Sidhu under the topic - Human Rights –India and the World
Awareness drive was held by the cell to aware the people inside and outside the campus about their rights in the society. A Poster making competition was held by the human rights cell inside the campus on legal awareness among the student.














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