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Minority Cell

Under the National Commission for Minority Act,1992 six religious communities including Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jainism and Parsees are helped for their academic development.To empower the minority communities in the college through education minority cell of the college was founded.As Guru Nanak College Budhlada is SGPC aided Minority Educational Institution, it has been very much keen to provide educational services to its community along with all other minority communities. Because Education is the single most important instrument for social and economic transformation. A well educated population, adequately equipped with knowledge and skill is not only essential to support economic growth, but is also a precondition for growth to be inclusive since it is the educated and skilled person who can stand to benefit most from the employment opportunities which growth will provide."

Need of Minority Policy/Cell

  • To make the provision for minorities to protect their educational right is not inequality towards the privileged classes but it definitely gives the sense of security to the minority class people.
  • Empowering backward communities isn’t merely a question of charity, but a direnecessity. Minorities need to be fully mainstreamed in social, political and economic spheres.
  • The status quotient is inacceptable and needs to be corrected at the earliest.
  • To facilitate an equitable share for minority communities in education, employment and economic activities to ensure their uplift.


  • To provide equal opportunities for education of minorities.
  • To improve the socio-economic conditions of minorities by providing them education and financial aids from governing bodies for improving the quality of life of the people.
  • To inform minority students about the various scholarship programmes offered by the State Government and the UGC.
  • To make provisions for a safe and secure environment for all students.

Nature and Activities of Cell

  • The Cell is dedicated to serve minority students with counseling and financial help.
  • The Cell is deeply invested in coordinating and resolving student issues
  • To communicate decisions made by the State Government and the UGC about various scholarship programmes.
  • To be up to date about recent updates of policy.
  • The cell is intended to take measures to protect the minority status and character of the institution
  • To ensure proper implementation of scheme in institution as per guidelines of government.
  • The Cell is actively involved in coordinating measures to run policy in efficient manner at institutional level.
  • To implement follow-up measures in order to achieve the objectives and targets set by the Government of India and the UGC.

Minority Cell Members

Tanupreet kaur

Dr. Tanupreet Kaur                  (Convenor)

Assistant Professor in Mathemetics

Mob: 86999-13601

E-mail: tanupreet12@gmail.com



Sukhjeet Kaur

Dr. Sukhjeet Kaur

Assistant Professor in History

Mob: 94639-90078

E-mail:  nattibhullar@gmail.com




In the session 2020-21, total 756 students enrolled under minority scheme. Minority cell helped students obtain financial support from minority communities from governmental agencies.Various schemes under which they got support were ‘Post Matric Scholarship Scheme Minority’ and ‘Merit cum Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses’. 242 students were benefited with the financial aid under various minority schemes.




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