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Master of Science in Physics

Master of Science (MSc) Physics is a natural science post-graduate degree. It has a duration of two years. Physics is the branch of science that involves the study of matter, energy, force and the interaction between them. The course is usually taken after a three-year BSc in Physics graduate degree. The MSc Physics course offered by Guru Nanak College Budhlada prepares candidates for application and research-based careers. The course emphasizes on the theoretical and practical fundamentals and applications of Physics. It is an interdisciplinary subject and involves basic concepts of Mathematics, Geometry and Computers, Important and useful theories and laws are taught that help to explain day-to-day phenomena like the definition and applications of matter, motion, speed, velocity, space and time, energy, pressure and force. Students are provided a strong foundation to configure and determine numerical figures, precise measurements, diagrammatic illustrations and graphical representation to explain and demonstrate natural occurrences, simple machines, analysis of natural processes and working of everyday appliances.

The course builds personal skills like communication, attention to detail, numerical ability, teamwork, logic, presentation and analysis; and professional and social skills like planning and execution, problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical thinking and reasoning.

The students who intend to become scientists, researchers in different scientific fields like Space Physics, Nuclear Physics, Electronics, Nano-Materials, Condensed Matter Physics etc. may opt for these degree courses. The placement opportunities of students doing these courses are very good. They can be placed in industry, universities, colleges or government laboratories.

Eligibility: B.Sc with Physics as a full subject & at least 50% Marks 

Duration :  2 years

Seats : 30*

 *Excluding Sports and Rural Quota and other additional seats


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