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Nanhi Chhaan and Green Brigade Cell

Nanhi Chhaan and Green Brigade Cell has been established to take a holistic approach to the campus sustainability. This initiative focuses on campus energy, materials, land, and water use applying methods that promote ecological literacy, sustainability education and involve the staff, students as well as broader community outside of the college. The Green Brigade Cell is fresh, dynamic and action-based. We aim to bring about lasting change and to make the College a more environment-friendly institution. Aiming to improve the environmental awareness of students, and taking greening to living, the Green Brigade Cell has planned to conduct the events and awareness programs. The vision of the Green Brigade Cell is to shift the college towards a carbon neutral, environmentally conscious institution through the volunteer efforts of staff and students. As a result, students, faculty, staff, and citizens who work, learn, and live in and around our campus can gain a new dimension to their learning experience, and an increased appreciation of the natural world.


Nanhi Chhaan and Green Brigade Cell Members

  Rajandeep Kaur

Dr. Rajandeep Kaur  (Convener)     

Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 70097-99704

E-mail: Rajan-deep-gndu@yahoo.co.in

Gurpreet Kaur  

Ms. Gurpreet Kaur   Member      Assistant Professor in Physical Education

Mob: 86997-34951

E-mail: cgpsidhu@gmail.com

 Manjeet Singh

S. Manjit Singh    Member           Assistant Professor in History

Mob: 94645-93572

E-mail: Gncmanjit@gmail.com

 Sparnjeet Kaur

Ms Saparnjeet Kaur   Member         Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 70872-02801

E-mail: saparanjeetkaur@gmail.com

Beerpal Kaur

Ms Beerpal Kaur   Member                            

Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 97799-20395

E-mail: Beerpalkaurgurthari@gmail.com


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