Guru Nanak College, Budhlada

Research Committee

Research Committee of the Guru Nanak College is very proactive to develop the research culture in the institution. The committee has been established to motivate professors and students to involve in research field and to encourage them for research activities. The commitee monitor the research activities and advocates high standard of responsibility for ethical conduct from the faculty engaged in research, in all aspects of their research activity.
  The following are the members of Research Committee:

Dr. Narinder Singh(Chairman)



Dr. Rishi Kumar(Co-ordinator)

Assistant Professor, Department of Science


Dr. Rajandeep Kaur


Assistant Professor, Department of Punjabi


Ms. Deepali (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science


Dr. Dhruva Kumar (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of Science


Dr. Sangeeta (Member)

Assistant Professor

Department of Agriculture & Food Processing


Dr. Tanupreet Kaur (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics


Dr. Surjit Singh (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi


Dr. Jagdeep Singh (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities


Dr. Sheetal Bajaj (Member)

Assistant Professor, Department of English




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