Guru Nanak College, Budhlada


Research Facilities in Department of Science

Faculty Training on Flame Photometer Gas Chromatography
Faculty Training on UV Visible Spectrophotometer Labs with minor Equipments for Materials Synthesis
Optics Lab with Electro-Optic instruments, Spectrometer for Refractive Index  determination Magnetic Field Sensing Probes and electromagnet based Hall effect setup in physics lab
Research Facilities in Department of Agriculture and Food Processing
 Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Fume Hood facility  In Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Media components and preparations in Plant Tissue Culture Lab

Culture Room including Hot Air Oven, Refrigerator, Distillation Plant, pH meter,Weighing Balance etc.

Plant Breeding Lab with  latest microscope facilities Workshop on Food and Vegetable Processing 
Activities on Quality Control and Analysis in Food Processing Lab Research Equipments in Food and Dairy Processing Lab 
Autoclave in Food Microbiology Lab Equipments used in Cereal and Bakery Technology Lab
Seed Germinator cum Growth Incubator Chamber Water Bath Incubator Shaker
Muffle Furnace Centrifuge 
Workshop on Fruit and Vegetable Processing Consultancy Service Provided for Fruit and Vegetable Processing Startup
Workshop for Bakery Products Processing  

Different scholarly journals catering to the multi-dimensional and ever changing information needs of the researchers

Scholarly journals,  e-books and e-journals via N-LIST and DELNET are available for research in e-library
Books Journals
Research Facilities in Department of Computer Science
Netbeans Software for Reseach Analysis MatLab Software
Training on Jupyter Notebook Student training on MyCloud
Urkund software training for Plagiarism Checker Computer with high configuration processor
Research Facilities in Department of Fashion Technology & Home Science
Knitting Instrument Textile Instrument
Memory Craft 200E Jack Single Needle Lock stitch Industrial Sewing Machine
Memory Craft 9900 JUKI Industrial Automatic Straight LockstitchSewing Machine with Table and Servo Motor
Bed Knitting Machine Jack overlock 4Thread Machine
Overlock Machine Wonder Machine

Dream maker 120

Stitch Magic
Flat Bed Knitting Machine  Draping 



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