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Waste Management and Campus Cleanliness Committee

Waste Management and Campus Cleanliness Committee has been established to take a holistic approach for the campus Beautification. Waste Management Committee has organized awareness programs for waste management in different villages and in college also. A Coordinating Committee has formed under the supervision of the IQAC of College. Various Sub-Committees consisting of students and teachers of each department were formed by the Waste Management Committee.


     Save Resource, Save India

     Clean India, Healthy India


  • To build a sense of awareness among students and society regarding waste management.
  • To Minimise waste generation at source and facilitate repair, reuse and recycling over the disposal of waste in cost effective manner.
  • To conduct exhibition on waste material by making models.
  • To promote holistic approach of waste management in the campus.

Organisation and Management

  • Coordinating Committee: -This committee is responsible for creating awareness of waste management among various department of the college. This committee consists of various personnel of college. This committee works under the supervision  of IQAC and Principal of College and Convenor.
  • Committee of Heads of all departments

Each Department heads are responsible for updating the cell regarding the hazards and non-hazards and a nominated a responsible personal for this.

  • Students Committee:- This committee consists of students of each department which updates the coordinating committee and also help to make awareness among society.


Waste Management and Campus Cleanliness Committee Members

Staff of Computer Science Guru Nanak College Budhlada

Dr. Shenti Kumar (Convener)

Assistant Professor in Commerce

Mob: 94667-30231


 Jatinder Kaur

Dr. Jatinder Kaur    (Member)

Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 9216208006

Email: grewaljatinder76@gmail.com


Dr. Anand Vardhan      (Member)

Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 9417164545



Dr. Avtar Singh      (Member)
Assistant Professor in Punjabi

Mob: 9592263025

Email: avtar63025@gmail.com

Seema Rani

Ms. Seema                 (Member)

Assistant Professor in Home Science

Mob: 7589290872

Email : namyabansal035@gmail.com



Ms. Maninder Kaur       (Member)

Assistant Professor in Fashion Technology

Mob: 8146010568

Email: kmaninder024@gmail.com

Jagpreet Singh

S. Jagpreet Singh      (Member)

Assistant Professor in Fine Arts

Mob: 7719416286

Email: khalsajagpreetvirdi@gmail.com

Our Activities


Seminar on reuse and recycling waste material

Workshop on Productive use of Waste Material in Department of Commerce & Management

Workshop of reuse and recycling waste material

“Solid waste management through waste segregation (Biodegradable &Non Biodegradable) on 4 R’s concept”

Green waste residue management by composting Preparation of new pit/collection of plant residue/and composting in pit       

 1 day Workshop on E-Wastage



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