Sno. Question View
1 Establishment of Online Grievance Rederssal Mechanism
2 Establishment of Anti Ragging Committee
3 Establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee in the Institution and/or Appointment of OMBUDSMAN by the University
4 Establishment of Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) Committee
5 Establishment of Committee For SC/ST
6 Internal Quality Assurance Cell
7 Barrier free Environment
8 Fire and Safety Certificate
9 Implementation of mandatory Internship Policy for Students
10 Implementation of Teacher Training Policy
11 Implementation of Student Induction Programme
12 Atleast 5 MoUs with Industries?
13 Implementation of Examination Reforms
14 Compliance of the National Academic Depository(NAD) as per MHRD Directives
15 Whether the Institution has Implemented Safety and Security measures in the Campus?
16 Implementing Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 in the Institution
17 Digital Payment for all Financial Transactions as per MHRD Directives
18 Display of information submitted to AICTE (including the accreditation status and Board of Governors) along with mandatory disclosures in the Web site of the Institution Click Here
19 Potable Water Supply
20 Electrical Grid Power Supply Connection
21 Backup Electric Supply
22 Sports Facilities
23 Waste Management and environment improvement measures to ensure a sustainable Green Campus
24 Sewage Disposal System
25 Display Board within the premises as well as in the Website of the Institution Indicating the Feedback Facility of Students and Faculty Available in the AICTE Web Portal SSS Report Feedback
26 First Aid
27 Insurance for Students
28 Group Accident Policy to be provided for the Employees
29 Provision to watch MOOCS Courses through Swayam
30 All Weather Approach(Motorized Road)
31 Institution-Industry Cell
32 Applied for Membership of National Digital Library
33 Copies of AICTE Approvals(LOA and EOA of subsequent years)obtained since Inception of Institution till date shall be placed in the Website of the Institution AICTE Approvals
34 Appointment of Student Counselor
35 Vehicle Parking
36 General Notice Board and Departmental Notice Boards
37 Display of Course(s) and “Approved Intake” in the Institution at the entrance of the Institution