Commerce and Management Association provides a platform for the students to show their talents in various commerce and Management oriented events and helps them to boost their decision making skills. It further has the following motives:-

  • To make the students aware of the different activities in various fields.
  • To develop entrepreneurship among students.
  • To develop soft skills and leadership skills among students through various programmes.
  • To bring out the talents of the members in the fields of arts.
  • To develop harmonious relationship with the fellow students of other colleges by way of participating in various activities and competitions held in other campus.
  • To inculcate event hosting skills among students by way of conducting variousprogrammes.
Members of Commerce and Management Association
Convener : Asst. Prof. Kulbir Singh
Co-Convener: Dr. Neena Brar & Dr. Amandeep Kaur
President: Amandeep Sony and Kriti Garg
Vice-President: Simran Kumar Raheja and Harish Singla
Secretary: Tamana and Manish
Joint Secretary: Jasveer Kaur, Harry and Shaina
Treasurer:Varun Jindal and Rupinder Kaur
Volunteer: All Class Representative
Members of Commerce and Management Association