Members of the learn and share club
  • Convener : Prof. Bikramjit singh (HOD of science)
  • Coordinators : Dr. Jatinder singh (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry) , Dr. Rishi kumar (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Physics)
  • Co-Coordinator : Dr. Amrit kaur Bansal (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Zoology)
  • Organising secratory : Ms Manpreet Kaur (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Botany), Ms. Hanisha Sharma (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry)
  • Members : Mr. Vishal Bansal (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Physics),Ms. Palvi Jindal (Asstt. Prof. Dept. of Chemistry)
Motive of the club
  • A Guided Discussion : A discussion we share with students how to maximize the student's success in every field.
  • Student Efforts : There is a chain of the students which helps to those students who cannot learn by ownself .
  • Peer's learning : By learn and share club students make a chain and bind the whole stream together. Students discuss all problem related to their study.

          Recently Science department conducted guest lectures on "Classroom to Industry -Personality Traits - by Prof. Gulshan Kumar Jawa and Exploring yourself for a great career" by Prof. Manoj Goyal SLIET Longowal on dated February 21, 2017. These types of lectures will help the students to improve their different skills viz. personality development, confidence level, mind preparation for appearing in the interviews and various competitive examinations. Experts motivated various students who were hesitating to come on the stage/dice and give their views. In this way, a large number of students started participating in different events organized by learn and share club.