Motto : Let's be a social worker

          Club has been founded to develop the social cooperation spirit in students. Club aims to help people who meet directly or indirectly by means of charity organizations and activities.

About the Club

          Social club is a voluntary association of students from various classes of Department of Computer Science. Those who are interested in social purposes such as donation, useful arts, tree plantation and to serve elder people etc. can become a volunteer of the club.

  • To build responsiveness among students about the social responsibilities.
  • To serve the society in its possible needs and contribute to the welfare of society.
  • To involve students in social activities ahead of academic part.
  • To develop leadership quality among the students.
  • To organize different co-activities for and on behalf of the students.
  • To facilitate a conductive Academic Environment in the college.
  • To generate opportunity of learning by 'doing' for society.
Conveners of Social Welfare Club
  • Rampal Singh MCA-II
  • Manpreet Kaur MCA-I
  • Harbant Kaur MCA-I
Incharge of Social Welfare Club
  • Buta Singh
  • Assistant Prof. ( Department of Computer Science)