Guru Nanak College Budhlada



             The Department of Chemistry is one of the prestigious departments of Guru Nanak College Budhlada. It has on its faculty highly competent and efficient members. Some faculty members are recipients of awards and honours. The department has stimulating undergraduate B.Sc (Med/N.Med) and postgraduate M.Sc (Chemistry) programmes. Frequent seminars have been organized for the benefit of college as well as talented students. The department has good instrumental facilities such as UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, other sophisticated instruments and good computer facilities for carrying out advanced research. The library of the department is with its excellent collection of books, research journals and it occupies a special position of pride in the college. Some faculty members are also pursuing Ph.D. The department is well-known for its research activities and has very well equipped laboratories. The main areas of research include: physical chemistry, synthetic inorganic chemistry, environment science, surface chemistry, equilibrium, thermodynamic and kinetic studies of adsorption, organic synthesis etc.