Guru Nanak College Budhlada



              The Department of History was established in July 2011 and is now actively engaged in an  enormous range of social activities in addition to its learning and teaching programme. The aims of the Department are under:To make the students aware of religious, political, social and economic aspects of society and thus to transform them into responsible citizens. To acquaint the students with the various aspects of Indian culture.To enhance employment potential among the students.Department transforming the youth into a productive user of society through value based quality education focusing on their all round development in order to enable them to contribute in the progress of society to their at most potential. Department prepare to students to connect the students with their society or culture with the help of story telling method, group decision discussion in addition to traditional method  of learning.The department of history prepares the students to make models or the things like the same which are found at various historical sites where they visit such places.