Guru Nanak College Budhlada



         The Department of Physics is one of the most recently established departments of Guru Nanak College, Budhlada. Department has played a key role in strengthening postgraduate teaching and research in physics through active contact and collaborations. We are offering Post Graduate course of M.Sc. (Physics) under the curriculum of Punjabi University, Patiala. The laboratories for the M.Sc. (Physics) as well as B.Sc. (Non Medical) are fully equipped to cater the needs of students. Faculty members of Physics Departments are actively involved in Teaching and carrying out Research on thrust areas like Condensed Matter Physics (Liquid Crystals, Polymers and Nano materials), Radiation Physics (Radiation Shielding, Green Materials and health effects of radiation). They are additionally collaborating with different establishments to encourage their research activities. Many of our faculty members are a part of reputed Physics and Materials Associations of National and International importance. They have published around 25 papers in referred Journals, 30 papers in national and international conferences and have also received awards from National Societies of Physics. Apart from the routine teaching activities, the department is actively concerned in spreading the spirit and outcome of developments in science and technology achieved through physics to the scholars through workshops and alternative stretch program.