Guru Nanak College Budhlada



                 Department of Commerce and Management has been functional in Guru Nanak College, Budhlada since 2010. The Department is committed to impart excellent teaching, scholarship, and service to the college and the community. It contributes significantly to the academic ambience of the college through innovative teaching and quality research in the emerging areas of Commerce and Management. With a committed team of teachers engaged in a variety of research areas and approaches, the department fosters scholarship that regards our ancient traditions and thereby, makes an indispensable contribution to college and professional life. The Department supports the college vision by creating opportunities for our students to develop through teaching business communication skills, organizational behavior and inculcates leadership qualities among them which enhance their scope in life. The Department has been complying with the instructions for the award of the degrees of B.Com (Hons), B.B.A., B.Com and M.Com. The great onus of the department is to prepare the students for competitive environment in teaching as well as corporate sector. Besides this, we are also developing the culture of research by encouraging our students in the research areas hitherto unexplored. Being one of the popular departments in the college, it entices students from far-flung areas. The great strength of the department is the curious nature of the students and the research and teaching competence of the faculty members. The department organizes extra-curricular activities, in addition to lectures and interactive sessions with eminent national and international scholars and writers. It is also associated with inter-disciplinary intellectual activities with various faculties within the college. The teachers are actively involved in research and publications. They participate and present quality papers regularly in seminars, conferences and workshops at both national and international levels. All the faculty members are actively involved in research and the dissemination of knowledge by way of publishing books and papers in reputed journals. The department focuses on ICT tools in order to impart quality education to the students.