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Computer Lab

Computer Lab

              The basic objective of this laboratory is to familiarize about preliminary knowledge of the basic computer organization, which includes hardware components of computer and Computer application like Turbo C++, MS office and Window operating systems. There are total two hundred Fifty computers with i-3 and i5 configuration with speed in Giga Hertz. All computers have multimedia aids. All the labs are having on-line U.P.S. Backup and are fully air conditioned. We have the best expertise to manage them. Servers are available in the server room, which are used as SMTP mail server, database server and general purpose use. All the computer labs are connected by a high-speed (10/100/1000 Mbps) switched Ethernet network. Institution has 4 MBPS speed dedicated internet connectivity and is accessible for 24 hours. The whole campus is networked with Wi-Fi technology.

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