Guru Nanak College Budhlada

Program - M.A. Political Science

M.A. Political Science

Duration & Eligibility

     Eligibility : B.A. with 50% marks
      Duration : 2 years


      Core Papers
  • Paper-I       Indian Political Thought
  • Paper-II      Western Political Thought
  • Paper-III     Indian Government and Politics
  •   Elective Papers
  • Paper-IV     International Politics

      Core Papers
  • Paper-I       Modern Indian Political Thought
  • Paper-II      Contemporary Issues in International Politics
  • Paper-III     Liberal, Political Theory
  •   Elective Papers
  • Paper-IV     Democracy in India

      Core Papers
  • Paper I      Contemporary Political Thought
  • Paper II     Modern Political Analysis
  •   Elective Papers
      Any one of the following
  • OPT. I        International Organisation
  • OPT. II       Women and Political Theory
  • OPT. III      Political Sociology
  • OPT. IV      Political Parties and Presure groups of India
  • OPT. V       South Asian Political System

      Core Papers
  • Paper I      Theory and Practice of Public Administration
  • Paper II     Comparative Polities
  •   Elective Papers
      PAPER-III : Any one of the following
  • OPT. I        Electoral Polities in India
  • OPT. II       International Law
  • OPT. III      Research Mehtodology
  • OPT. IV      Political Ideologies
  • OPT. V       Contemporary Debates in Political Theory