The word Women Empowerment includes all kinds of liberties or empowerment, i.e., political, social, economic, judicial etc. for women or to terminate all kinds of discrimination based on gender. Women should have fundamental and social rights as provided by the constitution of India. Empowerment is a major step in this direction but it has to be seen in a relational context. A clear vision is needed to remove the obstacles to the path of women's emancipation both from the perspective of government as well as women themselves. Efforts should be directed towards all round development of each and every section of Indian women by giving them their due share. In consideration of the welfare of women, The College established the WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CELL to empower women and to create awareness of Women's Rights. About 70% of the faculty members are women in our college.


  • To identify women with strong leadership qualities and to build their capacity.
  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for female gender.
  • To provide opportunities and programs for female gender to be financially, mentally and emotionally empowered so as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.
  • To make them aware about the guidelines of Supreme Court and to ensure that sexual harassment is treated as an unacceptable social behavior within the institution and the society.
  • To involve NSS students of the college to interact with rural and urban women who lack formal education and identify projects suitable for up gradation using technology
  • To conduct seminars and workshops to spread information on the numerous opportunities and tools available and train women accordingly.
  • To help the self help group women to get financial support by identifying the sources.


  • Ms Rekha Kalra, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science (Convener)
  • Ms. Paramjeet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Dr. Nisha Mann, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
  • Ms. Manisha, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Ms. Neena Brar, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
  • Ms. Jashanpreet Kaur , Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
  • Ms. Amrit Kaur Bansal, Assistant Professor, Department of Science

Women Empowerment Cell Celebrates Women Day and conducted various competition such as Poster making, Mehendi, Rangoli,Waste Material, Nail Arts etc.