Learning with Perseverance; Rising with Honour


'Enlightening Human Minds and Social Empowerment through Education'


Transforming the youth into a productive asset of the society through value-based quality education focusing on their all round development so that they are able to contribute in the progress of society to their utmost potential.


  •  To achieve excellence in teaching and learning.
  •  To inculcate social, moral and spiritual values among the students.
  •  To sensitize the students towards social issues and make them responsible citizens.
  •  To make the students skilled and productive.
  •  To groom the students intellectually with scientific temper providing congenial ambience.
  •  To enable the youth to become tomorrow's leaders of change.
  •  To provide educational opportunities to the under-privileged sections of the society.
  •  To ensure all round development of the students through extra-curricular activities.

Quality Policy

Institute is committed to promoting and supporting all-round effective learning and teaching with a view to contributing to the development through increasing equal access and participation in higher education.
Our quality policy aligns with our Vision, Mission and Objectives. The policy aims to achieve perfection and excellence in every step we take to shape the future of the young generation towards a brighter tomorrow. To this end, each academic program is designed to hone students' skills inside and outside the classroom. Each program allows them to discover something beyond the syllabus and motivates them to read between the lines. We believe that children are agents of change, and every effort is made to engage them in meaningful discussions. Our Quality Policy seeks to celebrate and recognize quality in teaching and learning and to ensure that the premier quality education is always with us in every field.